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Connecting brands with customers.

Market entry

Armed with data, we can better choose the sales channels to work with, create marketing campaigns and target your customers.


We feel the pulse of a fast and ever growing market of Baltics and own the ability to choose the best sales channels and prospective buyers for the different brands. For one sale, we can wear a multitude of distributor hats.


  • ATL, BTL and TTL marketing campaigns
  • eCommerce for B2B & B2C
  • Inbound & digital marketing
  • Visual and verbal content
  • Logistics

    Favorable geographic location, long-term experience and extensive network or logistics partners enable us to smoothly deliver the products in less than 24 hours to all the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).

    Customer service

    We assist with the maintenance and upkeep of equipment, warranty issues, and support the customer may need. We are able to respond to customers quickly and in real time.

    There are so many more opportunities for your brand beyond the initial sale.


    We are a young company and a team of all - digital nomads, some are explorers and travelers, kite surfers and couch potatoes - but what we are definitely not, is boring. All the ideas and implementation comes with passion and energy - if an extra mile you are expecting from your brand distributor, this is exactly what you will get from Reno Baltics team.

    RENO Baltics culture
    RENO Baltics team


    Highly charged creative company providing distribution services in Baltic countries. No marketing strategy is too diversified for us, no sales plan too exponential and no call is too cold. We are an experienced and highly motivated team who are thirsty to put your brand to the top in no time.


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